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I never pictured me saying; that I'd stop going to cons, 4 years ago. Yet today I made the definite decision that I won't be going to one in the future.

Yesterday I attended my last; Anime con 2009, which was held in Almelo.
I didn't enjoy myself like I did the previous times.

The day before I arrived home from London, I was there for a week and I was quite exhausted. Also, before I actually left to England my best friend told me that he wasn't going to be able to make it to the convention. So that surely bummed me out.

Saturday began very early: my bus broke down, so I had to walk to the train station. This made me miss my train, and also this meant that I had to wait for a half an hour; for the next train. I didn't mind, since the weather wasn't bad. I just hoped my other friend didn't mind.
Luckily she wasn't mad, so I just stepped onto the next train.

Unfortunate for me: I had a bad train connection.
The train I had to take, the one that would ride to Almelo, went per hour. So I had to wait for an hour in Utrecht. In cosplay! Everyone was pointing at me, or looking weird at me. I even had to shout; "JUST TAKE A PICTURE!", because of the staring.
There weren't any cosplayers around either, so I was quite disappointed.

When I finally arrived, my friend was there waiting for me already. We looked up a spot where she could change her outfit to her cosplay. Which was Trunks.

After that we went to the con.  A lot of people stared, but when we were at the convention, the staring stopped since almost everyone was in cosplay.

We got our permission badges, so we could walk through the entire con building.

My friend and I simply visited the Dealer Room, DDR room (which was quite boring since we could only sit and watch), the Game room (we even had not the chance to play games because every game was occupied >_>) and some other random rooms we visited.

The photo shoot was the only thing I liked of the con, the rest was quite boring. The photo's we took, you can see in my gallery. =)

Even the cosplay sketches weren't amusing. Like every year, there's just one which is good. This year this was a sketch where several Pikachu's were doing a break-dance. They surely put their heart in it, since everyone was cheering and giving them a standing ovation.

It is sad that I'm not going to cons no more. I think I've outgrown it.
All left I want to say is, I had a great time doing it, and I'll mesmerize and cherish the memories it every day =)

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